"1+1" Facial Scrub (2 oz)

"1+1" Facial Scrub (2 oz)



100% Coconut Oil

Organic Blonde Coconut Sugar

100% Raw unfiltered honey

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VII/XVII product inspired by.

When the world is at war all we need is love.

1 + 1

If I ain't got nothing, I got you
If I ain't got something I don't give a damn, 'cause I got it with you
I don't know much about algebra, but I know one plus one equals two
And it's me and you
That's all we'll have when the world is through

'Cause baby we ain't got nothing without love
Darling you got enough for the both of us
So come on baby, make love to me

When my days look low, pull me in close and don't let me go
Make love to me, so when the worlds at war, that our love heal us all
Right now baby make love to me
Oh oh make love to me