VII/XVII founder Donvinnie Boykin is an atmospheric disturbance manifested in the realms of the world of  fashion and beauty. 

Like most individuals who go off to college with big hopes and dreams of success, the road for Donvinnie Boykin was no different. The 30-year-old began his career in the fashion industry while attending Bauder College located in Atlanta, GA. Bauder College is institution located near downtown Atlanta that provide individuals with an opportunity to pursue careers in the of  fields fashion design, health care, business, and information technology, which allowed Boykin to expand his ideas.

In 2009, Boykin co-developed Glam Life Entertainment with a business partner and close friend Erickah Holmes of chattanooga, Tn. Glam Life Entertainment is a fashion production dedicated to helping upcoming models, designers, photographers and graphic artist. The company took off fast forward with booking photoshoots, and fashion shows. With anything that's moving fast there is an expected setback lingering in the passenger seat. 

" The encouragement from others has been really rough on me" Boykin said.  " It' so hard being me, and having others believe in the career and the success that I want to have. Which sometimes discourages my motivation. 

Let's pause and rewind a few years prior to Bauder College. After high school Boykin set off to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to pursue a career in Business Marketing. Therefore, obstacles aren't new to Boykin who accredits the experiences at Chattanooga to finding his nitch. 

"Coming from a small town, in Humboldt, Tn you don’t really see a lot of entertainment," Boykin said.  " and positve entertainment at that" "It was when I was in college at the University of Tennessee at Chattagnooa majoring in Business Marketing that I found my nitch, which happened to be fashion. I had an opportunity to enteract with people from different area’s and cultures. "

The dedicated business entrepreneur recently regrouped and formed Encore Entertainment. Boykin, a professional model resides as the company's Creator Director. The company's logistics consist of fashion promotion of styles and trends for the upcoming season, fashion shows, wordrobe styling, hair and makeup, model workshops, photography workshops and graphic design, website services, and now skin care. 

While the company focuses on creating glamorous experiences that caters to progressive trendsetters and to the average person. Boykin said he is proactive in developing a diverse cliental, and positive encouragement for all. 
"I have truly been blessed, because I've never ever dreamed of this multitude of success," Boykin said. "That's the thing about me, I love a challenge because it motivates me to conquer all and fear nothing."